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  • Uşak GoTürkiye

    Uşak is a gateway between the Aegean and Central Anatolia Regions. Therefore, it has hosted many civilizations since 4000s BC, especially Phrygia and Lydians.



    It is one of the largest canyons in the world. There is a glass platform for watching and enjoying the breathtaking view of the canyon.



    The local flavors of Uşak, where delicious herbs and vegetables grown in the Aegean Region are blended with the cereals grown in the city, fascinate people once they try them.



    This festival is held in Sivaslı District of Uşak, known as the 'capital of strawberries', where strawberry farmers compete to be the "best strawberry grower" of that year.



    Uşak has been the origin of Ottoman period carpets and a major center of Ottoman carpet weaving. While elite families in Europe had their paintings made by famous painters, they used Uşak carpets as decorations on the wall, floor and tables.



    The folk poets, described as "Living Human Treasures" and representing the culture of minstrelsy to make it more renowned, are very important cultural values that continue to be preserved in the region. There are fun moments in the nights when "Call and Response Duets" (Aşıklar Atışması) are organized.

    10 vibes for Uşak

    like locals

    Ulubey Canyon; There are many ruins from ancient times in Ulubey Canyon, which is one of the largest canyons in the world and has a breathtaking view.

    48 hours

    in Uşak

    After welcoming the day with a magnificent Aegean breakfast, the natural wonder of Ulubey Canyons, which is shown as the second largest canyon in the world, deserves to be the first stop of the first day.