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    Sivaslı Strawberry Festival

    This festival is held in Sivaslı District of Uşak, known as the 'capital of strawberries', where strawberry farmers compete to be the "best strawberry grower" of that year.

    Uşak Thyme

    Uşak thyme (Uşak kekiği) is one of the most important values that the region exports to Europe and it is used in the cosmetics and food industry. The thyme produced in Eşme district is of very high quality and therefore is in great demand from various parts of the world.

    Lavender Gardens

    Lavender Garden (Lavanta Bahçeleri), which is about 3 kilometers away from Ulubey Canyon (Ulubey Kanyonu), is one of the unique beauties of the region. It is sufficient to visit Ulubey, which is considered the heart of lavender, to see this beauty and inhale its unique scent. Resting places and photography spots on the area make the lavender gardens more attractive.